“A Perfect Stranger” falls into the Abyss Reviewed by C A Hall Spellbreaker Studios

Second SightThe Perfect Stranger falls into a small town Abyss *** This review may contain spoilers *** This is a sneaky film, it sneaks up on you slowly, decisively and then drops you into an abyss. A small Spanish town, all but abandoned, is filled with dangerous potholes that swallow up wandering tourists. Suddenly there is a new visitor. Each towns person projects all of their hopes, dreams, needs and fears on him, even though he can’t speak Spanish, which is the cause of many a humorous exchange. Maybe he’ll reopen the long abandoned store he’s living in and fulfill everyone’s needs. The towns people make a list. A neighbor youth, oppressed by his family, escapes to paint the newbies abode. His good Christian mother, projects on the visitor a sex “perp” identity, trying to enchain her son in his role as a useless child who must suffer forever her cruel and continuous “protection”. A young woman trying to escape her father’s descent into prostitution and drink, constantly criticizes the visitor, but as he can’t understand her language, only her desperate straits, he offers her a safe place to sleep and food, thereby upsetting her world through simple kindness. The town gossip comes filled with information he cannot understand, but uses his listening to plot her next move in her quest to become with child, using indiscriminately the only men left willing or able for such high jinks in a small dying town. All of these stories finally intersect revealing why the visitor has come and why he never leaves. Without giving anything further away, all that remains is the truth that children may be used as a form of continuance by any town anywhere, but more importantly their survival as a realized human beings depends on real fathering, decided not by blood ties or genetics, but by heart.

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