“Bird People” Flies away with you! Film Review by C A Hall Spellbreaker Studios

Second SightA new kind of film, sleek, uber-modern, innocent, using an old form; Magical Realism. It delights you. It begins with our two characters going to a French hotel. He’s a business executive on the verge of changing his whole life, she’s a maid cleaning up his and everyone else’s mess. Both feel devalued in their lives but in such a similar way, that all categories of race, class, and sex just don’t matter. But wait, it isn’t a desperate affair, it’s their humanity on the line. Then… one of them changes species.

The magic of the film is so light, playful and filled with the rush rush to get somewhere, that doesn’t really matter. The camera just takes in all our foibles and makes fun of us, yes us, the moderns. The business meeting where all look to the grand Pooba to fix our mistake. The video break up of a marriage that goes on till both characters, caught in a lifestyle that looks like a cross between Vogue and House Beautiful, have to admit it’s a war zone underneath a pretty pastel veneer.  Just standing at the curb waiting, for what? Humans waiting for the next thing to happen, as you feel their souls change houses, in a glance.

I cannot reveal the metamorphosis. It’s too wondrous and sacred. Do not see this film if you have no imagination or have never wanted to run (or fly) away to the circus, or what ever your idea of escaping a false life would entail for you. Otherwise attend the party.

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