“MALENA” Film Review by C A Hall Spellbreaker Studios

What ending would you choose for this film? Should the audience stone to death Sicilian women? Filled with jealousy, religious hypocrisy, demonology, and the original scapegoating myth institutionalized, these women are ready to kill life and beauty to protect themselves from the truth. And what is the truth they so abhor? Puberty! The shocking moment […]

Healing with Food for Acupuncturists & Health Professionals with C A Hall

Do you know what tastes you need in order to balance your body? Do you know that your cravings are helpful to you? New Course & TV Show on Healing with Food Check for Live in Maryland, New York, California, and Hawaii 2015 Online Nationwide To sign up: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/acufreecom-7301123597?s=28630461 go to: http://www.imdb.me/cahall http://www.spellbreakerstudios.com

Prep for Directing the Film

Working on several projects at once. This is healing with Food a Book I wrote on Food Eating & Ecology. Also working on Feature Film. Have been doing locations, casting and getting interviews set up. Have distribution. All the time working to get a group of serious Artists together from film, tv, music, dance, film and […]