Healing with Food for Acupuncturists & Health Professionals with C A Hall

Do you know what tastes you need in order to balance your body? Do you know that your cravings are helpful to you? New Course & TV Show on Healing with Food Check for Live in Maryland, New York, California, and Hawaii 2015 Online Nationwide To sign up: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/acufreecom-7301123597?s=28630461 go to: http://www.imdb.me/cahall http://www.spellbreakerstudios.com

Prep for Directing the Film

Working on several projects at once. This is healing with Food a Book I wrote on Food Eating & Ecology. Also working on Feature Film. Have been doing locations, casting and getting interviews set up. Have distribution. All the time working to get a group of serious Artists together from film, tv, music, dance, film and […]